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Silent Thunder Champion Holster by Garrett Industries

This past year I decided to take on the challenge of shooting single stack for the 2014-15 season. So I put down my open gun and picked up my trusty single stack. This major switch in divisions required that I update some of my gear. I set myself up with some Double Alpha single stack racer magazine pouches but I spent some time doing research for a holsters.

I already had a Garrett Industries holster I use for concealed carry and plain clothes assignments at work so I was familiar with their products. After looking around for a while I settled on the Silent Thunder Champion. It was advertised as being a competition model of one of their proven designs. After reading the specs I believed it would meet the requirements of the single stack rule book so I picked one up.

This holster is an outside waste band style holster. The body of the holster has a kydex outer shell with a premium Hermann Oak Leather lining. This protects your pistol and gives a very smooth draw. To the side and rear of the holster you will find 2 screws that can be used to adjust the retention to your liking. This is a feature not found on many of the other kydex holsters out there.

The kydex outer is stiff and rigid. It fits my 1911 very well. They offer 2 different kydex and leather colors. Kydex in black and olive green and the leather in natural or black. This holster is built in right and left hand models. Garrett Industries offers this holster with a full sweat shield, half or none. I chose the full sweat shield due to this holster being for my 1911 and I find not having the safety and slide corner digging into my “dunlap” to be more comfortable. There is also a long list of mounting possibilities but I believe most competitive shooters will prefer the “sport slide” option. This option allows the shooter to have the largest range of adjustments.

The biggest selling point for me about the Silent Thunder Champion was the mounting system. I upgraded to the “Sport Slide”. This option places the breach face to the center of the belt and making it mount high enough to be legal for Single Stack and IDPA. The mount is actually 2 pieces; the belt slide and an inner circular plate. Both of these pieces have jagged teeth like notches in them. This allows you to cant the holster forward or backwards depending on your body type and needs. You set the amount of cant you desire and take the smaller circular piece and mesh the teeth of the two parts and bolt it together with the supplied hardware.

I will be honest, when I first adjusted this 2 piece sport slide mounting system, I was very skeptical that it would hold up at all. It just looked too thin and flimsy. Much to my surprise I have been using this holster for matches and dry fire for 8 months now and it is holding up well. Once I had everything adjusted I added a little blue loctite and it has not moved or failed me yet.

Now for the range report. This holster works great. It is very comfortable to wear with the gun in it all day on the range. With the ability to adjust the tension with the 2 side screws, I was able to get it adjusted to hold the pistol and release just the way I like it. If you were playing a game where you had to re-holster the pistol, this is the one for you. The opening is slightly flared and rolled to allow fast and smooth re-holstering.

In conclusion, I really like the Garrett Industries holsters. I feel you could not go wrong with any of them. Like I said this is my second one and I love their product. While I am writing this I am trying to this of some type of criticism or something I would improve but nothing comes to mind.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you out, Keith

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