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Double Alpha Single Stack "Racer" Magazine Pouch Review

For the 2015 season I decided to change divisions and let my JPL Precision Open gun get a rest. I settled on shooting single stack. I spend 12 years shooting a single stack with 10 round mags in limited and then limited 10, how hard could the change be….so I thought. Then I started looking at my gear and realized with the equipment position requirements of single stack I needed to get a new holster (See review on Garrett Industries holsters in the near future) and new magazine pouches.

I did research on the web in the usual places like Brian Enos and several other sites. I settled on the Double Alpha "Racer" single stack pouches. On paper they looked to have the most adjustability of any of the other products. I also liked the idea of being able to mount them "bullet nose out" which only took a minor modification.

I ordered 5 new Double Alpha single stack pouches. When they arrived I hastily opened my shipment I received from Ben Stoeger’s pro shop and took one of the pouches out.

The pouch comes with the necessary bolts to mount the pouch bullet nose forward or bullet nose out. Double Alpha has a Youtube video showing you how to do the modification that explains it really well and it works. I followed the Double Alpha instructions on how to modify them for bullet nose out. I felt it would allow me to mount the magazines closer together so I would not have to reach the small of my back to get magazine number 5. After shoulder surgery on my left shoulder that is a bit more difficult. But…after 23 years of doing it bullets forward I could not adapt to the new technique and remounted the pouches bullet nose forward.

The adjustability is awesome. The pouch can be rotated 360 degrees and mounted left hand or right hand. The kit comes with the proper fitting Allen wrench to adjust and tighten the mounting bolts. The back side or inside of the magazine pouch mounts around my Double Alpha shooting belt really well. There is a thin piece of metal that goes to the inside of the belt to hold the pouch on. There are bolts on the top and bottom of the thin metal piece so mounting it on the belt was very easy.

The bolts do like to work themselves loose so once you have a few matches and practice session in; I would recommend you use some blue Loctite to secure them better. I really like the thin metal piece because it doesn’t block the Velcro on the outer belt from getting a good purchase on the inner Velcro belt.

The plastic body of the pouch had no sharp edges or corners that catch on anything. The magazine his held in by tension supplied by a leaf type spring pushing on the plastic piece. There is a metal wheel you can use to adjust the right amount of tension you want to have on the magazine. I liked this option. I is very easy to adjust the tension in these pouches without tools. So when there are weather changes or a stage that requires pretty rigorous movement I can add a little tension and have peace of mind that my ammo will be where it needs to be.

Once I got the pouches all on the belt and tuned for the proper angle I wanted them at I stated my dry fire practice. The mags are released and come out very smooth yet they are also quite secure. While using my 8 round mags , (stop laughing I was told if I feed them they just might grow) I was able to get a secure and quick purchase of the mag and draw it smoothly to help me have fast and reliable reloads.

Conclusion, I really like this product. They work very well and meet my needs for secure mags and ease of access. The only con I can see is they are not adjustable for cant. For me this was not a big deal but I wanted to make sure people knew that before going out and using your hard earned money.

Safe shooting,


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