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About Keith

Keith Tyler is a police officer in a large southwest Washington agency. He has been a commissioned officer since 1997 to present. After 17 years of working patrol, as of Feb 2015, Keith has moved to being a School Resource Officer in the local high school.

Keith has been a firearms instructor since 2001 with his department. Some of the certificates he holds are:

  • FBI handgun instructor
  • CJTC Patrol Rifle Instructor
  • CJTC Field Training Officer
  • NRA Tactical Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Patrol Rifle instructor
  • Taser field instructor

Other Training Keith has attended

  • HSS High Risk Entries
  • Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission 40 hours Instructor Development course

Keith has been a competitive shooter since 1992 when he started shooting USPSA, Bowling Pins and steel matches while he was in college at Washington State University where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. He is married and has 2 boys. Keith’s wife and son’s all shoot Speed Steel and USPSA.

Keith is currently holds a Grand Master card in Open and a Master card in Limited, Limited 10 and Single Stack

Here is a highlight list of competition accomplishments


  • Columbia Cascade Sectional 2nd overall


  • Columbia Cascade Sectional 2nd overall
  • Oregon Open 2nd overall


  • Area 1 5th overall


  • Area 1 High Law Enforcement
  • Oregon Single Stack Championships match winner


  • Area 1 1st Limited Master, high law enforcement
  • Columbia Cascade Sectional Points Race limited Champion
  • Second child born even less shooting


  • Area 1 2nd Open Master
  • Columbia Cascade Sectional Points Race Open Champion
  • Oregon Single Stack match winner


  • Oregon Single Stack match winner
  • Area 1 3-gun Limited match winner
  • 1st child born


  • Columbia Cascade Sectional L-10 match winner
  • Area 1 L-10 match winner
  • Oregon Single Stack match winner
  • NW Challenge L-10 match winner
  • Infinity Open L-10 match winner


  • Columbia Cascade Sectional L-10 match winner
  • Oregon Single Stack match winner
  • Columbia Cascade Section Points Race Limited Champion
  • USPSA Factory Gun Nationals 3rd Master L-10


  • Area 1 L-10 2nd Overall-with TGO coming in first


  • Columbia Cascade Sectional limited match winner

Your personal goal - Be able to apply the fundamentals on demand. As a result you will not have to use your conscience mind while shooting. You can let accuracy happen. By letting accuracy happen, speed will become the by-product. Freeing up your mind and allowing yourself to receive input from the gun as you work your way through the different challenges is were speed comes from, it just occurs when everything else is working together in concert. Performance through Fundamentals

"It is my objective to give the student a better set of fundamental skills to assist them with advancing in action shooting sports. This will be accomplished through dry fire and live fire drills. Instructors will give students feedback both positive and negative so it affords the student the benefit of learning or unlearning techniques. I want each student leaving the class with an understanding on how to practice."

Keith Tyler

Keith Tyler Firearms Academy
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